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2022 OL Aaron Guller continues his recent camp tour with a visit to Columbia University in NYC.

As usual Guller dazzled in the testing. His speed and athleticism is far superior to the average high school lineman. Guller weighed in at 254, down 4-5 pounds from the rigor of traveling and competing. At his other recent camps he weighed in at 258 and 260. He expects to play this fall at 260-265, and we would not be surprised if he reported to training camp next fall as a college freshman at 270 or 275. Guller has a long and lean frame even at 260, and will add muscle mass the right way over the course of his career.

Aaron dominated the 1v1's during camp. Showing his speed and power while maintaining tip-top technique. The coaches searched for better and better opponents to face Aaron, but he could not be topped.

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